Sunday night odds and ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

How to edit a journal of opinion

How to write a CV

The 2020s might be like the 1850s

Robert Putnam of Bowling Alone fame is “bullish on America

Rethinking politics

Rick Perlstein: 2020 is not 1968

A political history of the present moment

Who should be allowed to vote, and by what methods?

James Davison Hunter works through contradictions of racial exclusion and injustice with Martin Luther King Jr.

After October 21, 1980 baseball fans stopped rushing the field

Andrew Burstein reviews Lynne Cheney, The Virginia Dynasty

Annette Gordon-Reed reflects on the Tuesday’s election

McCarthy, La Follette, and Wisconsin politics

Black Spartacus

Interpreting Plymouth

Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street turns 100

Andrew Delbanco on The Twilight Zone

Writers’ rooms