More on Jerry Falwell’s suit against Liberty University: He is having a hard time landing a contributor role on cable news

Last week I posted about Jerry Falwell Jr.’s lawsuit against Liberty University. He believes that Liberty has damaged his reputation.

Today Politico dropped a very long-form piece on Liberty University that not only covers the lawsuit, but includes some additional reporting on Falwell and his wife Becki.

Here is a taste of “‘They All Got Careless’: How Falwell Kept His Grip on Liberty Amid Sexual ‘Games,’ Self-Dealing.” The authors of the article are Maggie Severns, Brandon Ambrosino, and Michael Stratford. Here is a taste:

In late October, Falwell turned on Liberty in a high-profile way, filing a lawsuit claiming that the university’s board had quickly seized on Granda’s story and forced Falwell to resign without an investigation. No board members reached out to ask him if Granda’s story was true, Falwell claimed. After he left Liberty, Falwell said in the complaint, he was defamed multiple times by Liberty, such as in an announcement about the internal investigation that said there had been a “lack of spiritual leadership” at the school.

“Certain key individuals” involved with decision-making at Liberty were “fulfilling a long-held goal” of forcing Falwell out of his family’s university, the complaint also claimed. “These individuals had engaged, or were engaged, in various illegal, unlawful, and immoral or otherwise dubious acts” that, if publicly known, “would unquestionably tarnish the reputation of Liberty University by association.”

The complaint said that because Liberty affirmed Granda, Falwell’s reputation is in tatters, making it difficult to attach his name to a new business and hurting his chances of securing a contributor role on cable news.

Read the entire piece here.