What will happen to Trump rallies if he loses on Tuesday?

I fully expect them to continue.

Between November 4 and January 20 he will use these rallies to complain about the election, probably telling his followers that the election was rigged. This could end up becoming one of the greatest threats to democracy in American history.

After inauguration day, I have no doubt Trump will continue the rallies. I imagine he will charge his followers admission to come to an arena and hear him attack the Biden administration. If Fox News or conservative radio hosts publicize or legitimize these rallies, the country will not heal.

Jill Colvin of the Associated Press is also thinking about this. Here is a taste of her recent piece:

“There’s a kind of a populist feel,” added Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University. “It’s about being part of a spectacle, which is different from a campaign rally, which is typically a little bit more intellectual in presentation.”

The phenomenon, he said, is not unique in American history.

He pointed to the 1840 election when William Henry Harrison gave out free alcohol at events nicknamed “booze rallies” during a “last-minute crazy physical push like you see Trump resorting to.”

Brinkley tied the events to a long religious tradition tracing from the second great awakening Protestant revival of the early 1800s, when ministers traveled from city to city, to evangelist Billy Graham’s crusades.

“A religious fervor gets developed, and it becomes sort of like a cult-based atmosphere,” he said.

Read the entire piece here.