Most popular posts of the last week

Here are the most popular posts of the last week at The Way of Improvement Leads Home:

  1. Are you voting for Trump because of abortion? do you refuse to vote for Biden because of abortion? It so, please watch this video
  2. An 88-year-old evangelical woman will cast her first vote for a Democrat in November
  3. Western Michigan pastor resigns over Trumpism in his congregation
  4. Evangelical pastor John Piper is “baffled” that so many Christians support Trump
  5. Pat Robertson: Trump will win, the country will be torn apart, an asteroid will hit the earth, and the rapture will come
  6. Twitter locks account of court evangelical Charlie Kirk
  7. Trump issues a proclamation on character (yes, you read that correctly)
  8. Pro-life evangelicals for Biden
  9. This interview tells us a lot about John MacArthur and the movement he represents
  10. Pro-Life evangelicals for Biden