Billy Graham’s granddaughter keeps the heat on Trump

Franklin Graham is not the only member of the Billy Graham family with a public voice.

Franklin’s niece Jerushah Duford, the daughter of Billy Graham’s oldest child Gigi, is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump.

Back in August she wrote a piece in USA Today claiming that evangelical support for Trump insults the legacy of her family.

Yesterday she said that Trump is trying to “hijack our faith.” Here is a taste of Alicia Cohn’s piece at The Hill:

Jerushah Duford, granddaughter of evangelical icon Billy Graham, on Thursday criticized President Trump for his “attempt to hijack our faith.”

“Trump’s attempt to hijack our faith for votes, and the evangelical leaders’ silence on his actions and behavior, has presented a picture of what our faith looks like — that’s so erroneous it’s done significant damage to the way people view Jesus,” she said on a press call through the group Not Our Faith, a PAC that focuses on faith voters.

Duford, who is also part of the group Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden and endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president last week, also predicted Trump will lose evangelical support in the November election.

Read the entire piece here.