I can’t think of many presidential statements more irresponsible than this

Watch Trump after he left Walter Reed and returned to the White House:

  1. “I learned so much about coronavirus.” If only had “learned so much about coronavirus” seven months ago.
  2. 200,000 dead and the president says “don’t let it dominate you,” you’re “gonna beat it.” Communities and institutions made up of ordinary people are following science, social distancing, and wearing masks. This virus has turned our lives upside-down. And the president tells us not to worry about it. “Don’t let it take over your lives,” he says. He doesn’t even tell us to continue to wear masks and social distance. Is this leadership? Members of Congress, members of his staff, his advisers, and at least one court evangelical now have COVID-19 because Trump decided he wants to be “a leader.” And who is he leading? About one-third of the American people?
  3. “Maybe I am immune,” Trump says. Perhaps I have been wrong these past four years. Maybe Trump is the “anointed one” of God called for “such a time as this.” 😉