Sunday night odds and ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Why no evangelicals on the Supreme Court?

Bowling Alone turns 20

Robert Merry reviews David S. Reynolds, Abe: Abraham Lincoln and His Times

Trump is a tragic figure

Mitchell Cohen reviews John Judis, The Socialist Awakening: What’s Different Now About the Left

Mike Piazza‘s former Italian soccer team

What happens is incapacitated or dies?

E.J. Dionne on social Catholicism and politics

Amy Coney Barrett and charismatic Catholicism

The last time writers left news outlets to write newsletters

11 historic sites that need saving

David Greenberg reviews Jonathan Alter, His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life

Should we abandon the U.S. Senate?

Hermione Lee reviews Marilynne Robinson’s Jack. Elaine Showalter reviews it here.

Don’t put your books in a greenhouse