Falwell was not invited to speak at 2020 GOP convention well before the pool boy story broke

Here is Jerry Falwell Jr. delivering his “Osama, Obama, and Your Mama” speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention:

The New York Times is reporting that Falwell was not back for the 2020 convention. Here is Glenn Thrush:

A return speaking role seemed inevitable after Mr. Falwell hosted the president for the university’s commencement in 2017, and the earliest discussions of the 2020 convention lineup did, indeed, include him, according to a Trump campaign official.

But convention planners quietly ruled him out late last year, amid concerns about Mr. Falwell’s private life — long before Monday’s blockbuster report by Reuters alleging a long-term romantic entanglement between himself, his wife and pool attendant, according to three people familiar with the situation.

Read the rest here.  I guess I don’t understand what Falwell did before he was placed on indefinite leave that would make him an embarrassment to Trump or his administration. 🙂