August 20, 2020 in Trumpland

Trump Rushmore 2

The Trump presidency is imploding and its all happening less than a week before the Republican National Convention. So what is going on?

Former Donald Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon, the man who shaped Trump’s alt-Right message during the 2016 campaign and in the early months of his presidency, was arrested today and charged with defrauding donors as part of a fundraising campaign to build Trump’s border wall. Trump is trying to get as much space as possible between the White House and his former strategist.

Back in 2017, Bannon said he was on a crusade to remove “fake Republicans” from office. He got full support from Jerry Falwell Jr., the disgraced president (on indefinite leave) of Liberty University. He was often confused about American history and brought Andrew Jackson’s populism into the White House. Pope Francis condemned Bannon’s “apocalyptic geopolitics.” Bannon was also behind Trump’s January 2017 Muslim ban.

The list of criminals associated with the Trump presidency continues to grow. Bannon joins a list that includes Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Chris Collins (who seconded his nomination at the 2016 RNC convention), George Papadopouloos, Roger Stone, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn.

Trump hires “all the best people.”

Today, a federal judge rejected Trump’s efforts to block the release of his tax returns. Read the ruling here.

Last night, Barack Obama essentially said that Trump is incompetent and a threat to American Democracy:

Trump threw a hissy fit in real-time on Twitter.

During Kamala Harris’s speech:

During Obama’s speech:

Meanwhile, Trump continues to play around with a dangerous conspiracy theory.