Will the GOP listen to John Kasich?


The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin thinks the common-sense approach of the former Ohio governor may be the GOP’s best hope. Here is a taste of her recent column:

Former Ohio governor John Kasich — a pro-life, fiscal-hawk Republican — will speak at the Democratic National Convention and has said he will vote for former vice president Joe Biden. In contrast to the equivocating Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan (who has not ruled out voting for President Trump), Kasich makes as compelling a case as any politician that it is not enough to simply voice displeasure with Trump. We have to vote him out.

Kasich appeared with CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday to call for an end to the Trump era. “We can’t continue to go down this path. . . . I mean, people are now speaking to each other if they disagree with them with through clenched teeth. There’s almost hatred going on,” he explained. “This has to stop because the great things that happened in our country — whatever they are, women suffrage, civil rights — they happen when we come together, not when we’re divided.”

Kasich thinks Biden is the kind of unifier we need. More precisely, the former Ohio governor argues that, if one thinks Trump is a threat to the republic, it is not enough to stay home or write in a third party. “I’ve had enough of this. I’ve had enough of the division and everything else, and not getting anything done,” Kasich said. “So, to just sit it out again and say well I’m not going to be for Trump and not lend my support to somebody, I — it doesn’t make sense for me this time around.” You can either accept Trump as the new normal, or you can recognize he is a dangerous detour into unhinged populism and unfit for the job.

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