“Evangelicals for Trump” posts a misleading campaign ad

This image recently appeared on Donald Trump’s Facebook page:


“Evangelicals for Trump” is not an organization. It is just part of the Trump campaign’s outreach to evangelical voters. It has a website where you can donate, buy Trump gear, “join,” and view news stories that are over six months old. Notice the small print: “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President Inc.”

But as the BBC points out in this piece, the ad is just another attempt to play to evangelicals fears. Here is a taste:

A post by Donald Trump’s official Facebook account purports to show violence in the US but is in fact of an event in another country.

The advert shows one image of Mr Trump in a calm setting talking to police officers beside another of a security official being surrounded by protesters, saying: “Public safety vs chaos and violence”.

However, the image is a photo from a pro-democracy protest in Ukraine in 2014.

Facebook have told the BBC they won’t be taking any action against the post but gave no further comment.

The post reads “Evangelicals For Trump are ready to help re-elect President Donald J Trump.”

On the image on the right, the officer is wearing a badge on his shoulder.

However, it is an insignia not recognisable as one US police wear – it’s a Coptic cross seen in countries which practice Orthodox Christianity.

Read the rest here. Anne Applebaum also discusses the ad here.

Sadly, I don’t think any of the Evangelicals who support Trump will be too upset about the fact that the ad is deceptive.