Happy Birthday to “The Way of Improvement Leads Home” Blog


On June 24, 2020, The Way of Improvement Leads Home blog turned twelve years years old.

Here are a some of the year’s highlights:

  • We dropped seventeen episodes of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast with some greats guests, including: Johann Neem, Larry Glickman, Darren Dochuk, Sarah Myers, Rick Bell, Mandy McMichael, Melissa Ziobro, Jeffrey Engel, Thomas Mackaman, Gillis Harp, Eric Miller, Serena Zabin, Susan Fletcher, Lindsay Chervinsky, Paul Putz, and Scott Hancock.  We also said goodbye to the podcast co-creator and producer Drew Dyrli Hermeling. If you are not already supporting our work, please consider helping to keep this podcast (and blog) going! Learn how you can help via our Patreon page.
  • 59 authors visited The Author’s Corner since our last birthday. You can read them all here. Annie Thorn continues to do a great job at facilitating this feature.
  • Speaking of Annie, check out all 31 of this year’s “Out of the Zoo” columns.
  • We started posting all our blog posts to my new Facebook author’s page. If you want to follow the blog that way, feel free to follow the page. The comments are open.
  • Our readership continues to grow steadily.

We will continue to bring you the kind of content you have expected from us over the last twelve years! I want to thank everyone who has read and supported the blog and encouraged me in this work over the years.