White evangelicals speak out against abortion much more than systemic racism. Why?


Over at The Anxious Benchhistorian Daniel K. Williams asks, “Why have those of us who are white evangelical Christians found it so easy to speak out against abortion (and, in the case of tens of thousands of white evangelicals, even get arrested for demonstrating against it) and so difficulty to even acknowledge the possibility of structural racial injustice in contemporary American society–let along make the matter a high political priority?

The answer, Williams argues, is Christian nationalism:

Perhaps a number of factors are involved, but one factor is surely this: the particular narrative that white American conservative evangelicals have adopted about the American past, which is often called “Christian nationalism,” makes it very difficult to criticize structural injustices in American society that are inseparable from the nation’s founding institutions. Unless we have made a conscious effort to reject it, those of us who are white evangelical Christians have probably imbibed the myth of a “good” and maybe even a “Christian” American founding, followed by a twentieth-century moral decline as the country rejected the principles of God.

Read the entire piece here.

Williams’s book Defenders of the Unborn is the definitive work on the pro-life movement in America before Roe v. Wade.  Listen to our conversation with him in Episode 2 of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast.