The *Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump*

Spiritual Danger

Our book, edited by Ron Sider, is getting some good coverage.

Over at Religion News Service, Jack Jenkins interviews Sider about The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump.

Here is a taste:

So what is the spiritual danger of Donald Trump?

I would summarize it this way: Trump lies constantly. He has repeatedly demonstrated adulterous sexual behavior. He fails to make justice for the poor a concern in his policies. He constantly stokes white racism. His response to COVID-19 was dreadfully weak in the first couple of months. His position on climate change is simply disastrous. And his constant attacks on the fake media undermine democracy.

Read the entire piece here.

Over at the Philadelphia Inquirer, political reporter Chris Brennan talks with three of the authors.  A taste:

Ron Sider started with a laugh and a prayer.

“Lord have mercy,” he replied with a chuckle when Clout asked why it was necessary to compile a collection of essays in a book titled The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump: 30 Evangelicals on Justice, Truth and Moral Integrity

Sider is an emeritus professor of theology, holistic ministry, and public policy at Palmer Theological Seminary in Montgomery County. He said white evangelical voters overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016 even though he “is clearly racist, repeatedly says awful things about women, [and] has policies on questions of racial justice, economic justice, and environmental issues that fundamentally contradict biblical norms.”

The book Sider edited arrived this month, when racial strife has been thrust once again to the forefront of public life, following the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Louisville, and Atlanta.

Read the entire piece here.