COVID-19: “Everything that is done this weekend will manifest itself within the next two weeks”

Watch the first four and a half minutes of this video:

And now here is an old friend who works a medical director and ICU physician at a large Pennsylvania hospital:

My dear friends, mates, those who may not quite like me and those who, quite frankly, hate me.

We, in the health care system view the crowds that are gathering with some fear, trepidation and perhaps a tad of PTSD.

Why are we nervous?

You need to know that we still can’t even explain the exact pathophysiologic answer for what this virus has done and to its effect on the lung, heart, kidneys and other body systems. There are numerous hypothesis, some sound, some incongruent, some may be true. This virus has done one essential thing—its turned us back to our science AND faith backgrounds. The reason I say this is that because we cannot find a pathological link, we are unable to find a cure/treatment that is effective. For instance, Remdesivir, only reduces the time of illness and its not dramatic. Patients respond differently to different paradigms.

So, what does my meandering mean—since we don’t have a cure the only thing we do know is that distancing helped and reduced what could have been way, way worse. We have pushed for our communities to be socially distinct because the only “cure” is to not get the disease. The only way to not get the disease is to not expose yourself.

I know we are all anxious to get out there and I know how “free” we want to be. Please, in your freedoms, be patient and do not mock those of us who have seen the worst of this. Don’t be flippant and mock science. Be kind to us, understand us as much as we understand you. We fear because we have seen the worst. We want all of us out and frolicking, we desire this, we understand how cooped up and frustrated our world is. We want the American “way” but are still a mess from weeks of turmoil. The next 2 weeks will be the most difficult. Everything that is done this weekend will manifest itself within the next two weeks. We pray the virus is attenuated, we pray that we heal.

My only request is that we do not become angry, polarized and political. Don’t laugh at people who chose to wear masks. You may not think it prevents spread but it will if the person wearing it has a viral load. It’s presence represents a determination to help and did have an impact.

Remember our military yes, and remember those healthcare providers who lost their lives. Remember the military who suffer from PTSD, remember healthcare providers who are dealing with PTSD. Remember the families who have not seen their soldiers and remember the healthcare workers who have not seen their families.

My deepest appreciation to all of you. Love always wins…