The Church in Exile


Theologian N.T. Wright has a new book out titled God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath. I have a review copy, but I have not the time to look at it yet. Stay tuned.

Wright has published an excerpt at Time. Here is a taste of “Should Churches Reopen? The Answer Lies in Thinking of This As a Time of Exile“:

Of course, part of the point of Psalm 137 is precisely that this Psalm is itself a “song of the Lord.” That is the irony: writing a poem about being unable to write a poem. Part of the discipline of lament might then be to turn the lament itself into a song of sorrow. Perhaps that is part of the way in which we are being called right now to be people of lament – lamenting even the fact that we can’t lament in the way we would normally prefer. We need to explore those questions, and the new disciplines they may demand, in whatever ways we can. Perhaps this, too, is simply to be accepted as part of what life in Babylon is like. We must, as Jeremiah said, settle down into this regime and “seek the welfare of the city” where we are. But let’s not pretend it’s where we want to be. Let’s not forget Jerusalem. Let’s not decide to stay here.

Read the entire piece here.