Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:


Nostalgia is our modern condition

The rise of Christianity

50 years ago a liberal arts college in Iowa cancelled graduation


Mia, the Land O’Lakes butter maiden

Corey Robin reviews two books on the history of American communism

Allen Guelzo reviews Bradley C. Watson, Progressivism: The Strange History of a Radical Idea

Jon Meacham on pandemics of the past

What is historian Robert Caro doing during the pandemic?

Bowling alleys

Abigail Adams in an epidemic

Teaching the American Revolution with no syllabus

The founding fathers and economic regulations in times of crisis


Running the Race” and Ahmaud Arbery

David Swartz interviews Lauren Turek, author of To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelical Influence on Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations