How One New York City Paramedic is Experiencing the Coronavirus


Anthony Almojera’s is a senior paramedic in New York City with 17 years of experience.  Here is a taste of his coronavirus diary:

The seventh call gets to me.

We walk in and there’s a woman on the floor. I see this woman doing CPR on her mother. She tells me she stopped breathing and had “the symptoms”.

We go to work to try and save her. As the medics are doing their thing I walk over to the daughter and she tells me how it all went down. She says her mum has been sick for the last few days. They couldn’t get a test but think she had “it”.

I ask “are you the only family here?” She says yes but you guys were here on Thursday and worked on my dad. He had the symptoms as well. He passed away.

She looks numb.

I go back into the other room and hope that the medic will tell me there are signs of life. She looks up and I know the look after 17 years. The medic’s eyes say no.

So now I have to tell the daughter that both her parents are dead in a matter of three days.

Her dad’s not even buried yet. So this woman is going to have a double funeral, if she’s lucky enough to get a funeral, because funerals aren’t happening right now.

After that call I go outside and the cool air is what I need. We sit for a minute to try and recoup but we all feel it. Funny, we don’t discuss it much. Medics tend to do that.

We have to get ready for the next one. We hit the button.

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