Need Something to Read During Your Self-Quarantine? Check Out Hearts & Minds Bookstore

Hearts and Minds 2

Please consider Byron and Beth Borger at Hearts & Minds Bookstore for all of your reading needs during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond. Hearts & Minds is especially strong in theology, biblical studies, church history, and Christian perspectives on social issues and culture. I just got a big box from Byron on Thursday. I bought some N.T. Wright, Karl Barth, James K.A. Smith, John Inazu, and Tim Keller!

Here is a taste of Byron’s recent “Booknotes”:

I didn’t send out a BookNotes newsletter last week – thanks for noticing – because, well, I just didn’t want to add to the noise. We are all inundated with information. We are still working 12-hour days (more or less) six days a week and find it hard to keep up with the videos, Zoom meetings, news stories, Facebook posts, updates, calls to action, and articles I need to read. I’m sure many of our readers, customers, and friends are feeling it, too. It’s hard to read and write when one anxious and exhausted.

So no big Corona Virus essay from me (other than the reminder to stay home the best you can. This is serious stuff and we love our neighbors well by minimizing contact, despite what our President has foolishly tweeted.)

We are, of course, closed for in-store business. Last week we were making mad dashes to the parking lot and doing curb-side deliveries, but we now believe that violates our Governor’s ruling about closing “non-life sustaining” businesses. We are now just doing mail order and some local deliveries. For now it is our hope to continue to ship stuff out daily, so send us a note or give us a call. We need the business, believe me… and maybe you need some books.

So let’s get to it. Here are a dozen or so new books (and one or two others I just have to mention.) I’ll try to keep it mostly brief, with hefty apologies to the good authors who deserve more extended reviews. These excellent titles are almost all of that deserving caliber of consideration and I could wax eloquent about them. If you order them, you’ll see for yourself…

As always, you can click on the link at the very bottom of this column to be taken directly to our secure order form page. Just tell us what you want and we’ll deduct the discount and take it from there. It is our pleasure to serve you in this way. All books are 20% off.

Read the rest here to learn about new books on beauty, Bonhoeffer, the Psalms, belief and unbelief, writing, creation care, cultural engagement, common grace, the book of Exodus, child-rearing, and the current state of evangelicalism.