Most Popular Posts of the Last Week

Here are the most popular posts of the last week at The Way of Improvement Leads Home:

  1. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Says Coronavirus Will Only Kill Between 1 AND 3.4 Percent of the American Population
  2. “When Trump demanded to know whom he’d voted for in 2016, McCabe was so shocked…”
  3. The “Massive Backtracking” at Fox News
  4. Parent Questions Falwell’s Decision to Keep Liberty University Open. Falwell Calls Him a “dummy”
  5. Conservative Culture Warriors Are Trying Figure Out How to Operate in our Current Moment
  6. Online Teachers: “We Will Survive”
  7. “One pastor said half of his church is ready to lick the floor, to prove there’s no actual virus”
  8. Fox News is an Embarrassment
  9. An African-American Pastor Guides His Congregation Through the 1918 Influenza Epidemic
  10. CNN Doctor Sanjay Gupta: “I don’t think we’re taking this seriously and it worries me.”