Trump Edits His Notes to Replace “Corona Virus” with “Chinese Virus”

I wrote about this earlier today. In that post, I asked if Trump and conservative pundits are using the phrase “Chinese virus” to promote division in the country.  A taste:

There are many Americans–especially Chinese-Americans–who are offended by people calling COVID-19 the “China Virus.” So why do we continue to call it that? It now seems like Metaxas, Starnes, and Kirk (and Trump)–all self-identified white Christians–are defending this description of the coronavirus (and others like it) precisely because they want to throw more salt in the wounds of those who are offended by it. Why else would they continue to insist on calling it the “China virus?”

Sadly, it looks like I was right. Jabin Botsford of The Washington Post snapped this picture during Trump’s press conference today:

Chines Virus

Here is Allan Smith of NBC News:

President Donald Trump on Thursday was photographed reading from notes at the daily coronavirus task force press conference where the word “corona” was crossed out and replaced with “Chinese” to described COVID-19.

The photograph, taken by a Washington Post photographer, showed the word crossed out in what appeared to be Sharpie and in the president’s own handwriting.

The image comes as Trump has ramped up his description of the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus” as he’s been questioned about whether he considers the label to be racist.

“It’s not racist at all,” Trump told reporters Wednesday. “It comes from China, that’s why.”

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