Commonplace Book #139

As for power, when people say (as they often do), “Why doesn’t God do something”?, they always seem to assume that if God was really in control he’d send in the tanks and stop the bullies and the unscrupulous getting away with it. But according to the Sermon on the Mount (and it was the Sermon on the Mount’s agenda which Jesus was fulfilling when he went to his death, going the second mile carrying his Roman cross, turning the other cheek to his mockers, and ending up on a hill where he could not be hidden), when God wants to change the world he doesn’t send in the tanks…He sends in the meek, the mourners, the merciful, the hungry-for-justice people, the peacemakers, the incorruptibly pure in heart.

N.T. Wright, God in Public: How the Bible Speaks Truth to Power Today