David Brooks: “This is what happens when you elect a sociopath for president”

“We sat here many years ago, when we saw images of Katrina and bodies floating in New Orleans. And I think both Mark and I felt a deep sense of anger. And I feel a deep sense of anger that our government has responded so badly. And frankly, this is what happens when you elect a sociopath for president who doesn’t care, who has treated this whole thing for the past month as if it’s about him, how do people like me?, minimizing the risks, does the stock market reflect well on me?, and he hasn’t done the things a normal human being would do, which was to, let’s take precautions. Let’s do the backup things we need to do. Any president would sit down with his team and say ‘people will suffer here. Let’s get ready.’ He’s incapable of that. And he’s even created an information distortion field around him. Even today, the press conference today was all his propaganda. He wasn’t honest with people. And then with Yamiche’s perfectly good question about an agency, maybe he didn’t know when that part of the National Security Council was shut down, but he should know about it by now. And so the fact the he wasn’t even aware of this is a sign that nobody is willing to tell him bad news. And we have got a dysfunctional process at the heart of the administration at a time of great national crisis.”