What Does Trump Believe?


Here is Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Julie Zauzmer at The Washington Post:

Most of Trump’s current relationships with evangelical pastors, particularly with believers in Pentecostal, charismatic and prosperity gospel strains of Christianity, appear to have developed only as he considered running for president. Trump also changed some of his beliefs in recent years, including his shift to oppose abortion.

Several pastors, as well as two former White House officials, said they have never seen Trump pray in front of others. Instead, he regularly asks for Vice President Pence or for one of his many evangelical Cabinet members to pray. He does not regularly reference God in making his decisions, these aides say, and they have never seen him open a Bible. But he has long coveted the visual of having pastors pray for him, including the distinct image of the laying on of hands.

Sean Feucht, a Christian musician running for Congress in California, attended a meeting in December organized by White, which brought about 50 Christian leaders, most of them Pentecostal, to the Oval Office. Trump asked the guests to pray for him.

“It was bold, loud prayer” in the charismatic, Pentecostal style, Feucht said. “We were all praying at once, lifting our voices. It wasn’t solemn and organized. It was lively and loud. I think that he’s drawn to that.”

Trump was a silent appreciator, not joining in.

The president’s first line to the pastors that day, before the prayer, was a jab at Pelosi for claiming to pray for him, Feucht said.

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We also learn from this piece that Trump rewrote his National Prayer Breakfast speech on the way to the event to include attacks on the faith of Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi.