Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

The exclamation point!

Frederick Douglass on Reconstruction

Praying for Trump

Are you a jerk?

Introvert teachers

The return of James Carville

Slavery, Native Americans, and the closing words of the Declaration of Independence

Historian James Kloppenberg on his former student Pete Buttigieg’s intellectual influences

Remembering Kobe: “One good teacher is worth ten star ball players.  Ten at least.”

The rise and fall of Perry Miller

Cal Thomas thinks we should suspend the National Prayer Breakfast

On the making of gospel music

A beginners guide to online “Christian influencers

Marilynne Robinson announces the next book in the Gilead series

The 1913 Gettysburg reunion

When Romney said nothing at all

A classicist reflects on the Trump impeachment trial

A pro-life Democrat leaves the party and joins the American Solidarity Party