Should I Host a “MAGA Meet-Up” for Tonight’s State of the Union Address?

Supporters of Trump stand during a prayer before a rally with Trump at Clemson University's livestock arena in Pendleton

Just kidding.  Please don’t show up!

I received this e-mail from the Trump campaign today:

Chris and I have both reached out to you about hosting a MAGA Meet-Up tomorrow for our National Day of Action. We haven’t heard back but we need your participation!

Tomorrow is President Trump’s third State of the Union address and we need to make sure every conservative in the country is tuning in. By hosting a MAGA Meet-Up, you can help bring together supporters in your neighborhood to watch the address LIVE!

Can you do that for us? Sign up to host here:

We really need this National Day of Action to be a success and the only way we can do that is by relying on supporters like you, John, to step up and lead our grassroots movement in your community.

Host a MAGA Meet-Up.

Please, we need your help.

Thank you,

Elliott Echols
National Field Director