A Message to the Readers and Listeners of The Way of Improvement Leads Home


As many of you know, we have a lot going on here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.  We spend a lot of time each week trying to deliver curated and original content here at the blog.  The number of podcast downloads continue to grow.  At the moment, The Way of Improvement Leads Home (blog and podcast) employs an intern and a studio producer. We are also hoping to add another intern to help with booking guests.  I do not receive a cent for my work on the blog or the podcast.

We have been blogging for more than a decade and have never placed an advertisement on the blog.  People tell me that our refusal to run ads mean that we have missed, and are missing,  opportunities to make money on our content.  I have thought about posting ads to the blog, but then I remember how annoying it is to read websites and blogs with pop-up windows distracting readers from content.  We do air ads on The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast as part of our arrangement with Recorded History Podcast Network.  Sometimes we make as high as fifteen dollars a month on those ads!  🙂

We keep things going here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home through the generous support of our readers and listeners.  If you feel moved to support out work, please consider visiting our Patreon page and consider a pledge or a one-time gift.  And yes, signed books and mugs are still available!