Don’t Forget to Cast Your Vote for This Year’s Weemsy Awards

WeemsyWhat are the Weemsy Awards?  Historian Ed O’Donnell, the creator of the awards, explains:

The Weemsy Awards™ spotlight the most egregious lies ad screwups about U.S. History in the past year. These include both incidents emanating from mere ignorance and those from malevolent intent. The selection committee pays particular attention to the words and deeds of politicians, celebrities, business leaders, journalists, writers, etc. who, by virtue of their lofty status, put their history fails before a wide audience. Our hope is that by calling attention to these history hucksters, we will improve the quality and accuracy of public discourse, while also exposing those who promote historical dumbfoolery to advance themselves or their cause. Why? Well, because as we like to say around here:  History is too important to be left to fools.

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