Lancaster Online Covers the *Christianity Today* Editorial Calling for Trump’s Removal

Trump and Bible

Here is Earle Cornelius’s piece, including remarks from Greg Carey and yours truly:

Greg Carey, professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, said Christianity Today’s editorial  offers cover for evangelicals who do not support the president.

“There have always been a reasonable number of conservatives and evangelicals  who haven’t approved of Trump,” he said. “Those evangelicals who don’t support Trump now can point … to an official institutional voice to say ‘See, it is possible to be an evangelical and to distrust this president.’ ”

John Fea,  professor of history at Messiah College and author of  “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump,” said Trump was not an early favorite among evangelicals in the 2016 primary elections.

He noted that the Christian Post, which now defends Trump, published an editorial in February 2016 under the headline “Trump is a scam. Evangelical voters should back away.”

But many evangelicals who once opposed Trump, now support him.

“Since then,” Fea said, “Trump has delivered for evangelicals. He has put the right people in the Supreme Court for them, he’s championed Israel, he has fought for religious liberty.”

Read the entire piece here.