North Carolina Evangelical Pastors in the Age of Trump

NC Trump

Trump at a rally in North Carolina

Dana Ervin, a reporter with The Charlotte Observer, recently spoke with six white North Carolina megachurch pastors about the state of evangelical Christianity in the age of Trump.  They are concerned about their politicization of their congregations.


Here is a taste of Ervin’s piece:

Several pastors worried Christians think they must be Republicans or that they can only watch Fox News. Pointing out that both parties are flawed, some worried that making some political issues Christian or non-Christian does God’s kingdom a disservice.

But consensus broke down when asked about Donald Trump. One pastor believed Trump’s unlikely presidential win could represent the “mercy of God,” while another observed that Biblical Israel had been ruled by some evil kings: “Sometimes we get what we deserve.”

And while everyone agreed that Trump must be held to account if he’s broken the law, it became clear that many Christians will have a hard time coming to that conclusion. When asked specifically about Trump’s Ukraine call, one pastor immediately raised concerns about Biden’s son, as if those were a defense for any presidential malfeasance. Possible extortion by Mr. Trump seemed to be less serious than perjury by Bill Clinton. And even after Trump appointees testified to a quid pro quo, one pastor said the secrecy of the impeachment investigation prevented any conclusion.

Read the entire piece here.