*Forbes* Reviews Forthcoming Springsteen Documentary *Western Stars*


Yesterday we gave you a glimpse of a song from the new Springsteen documentary Western Stars.  It will be out in theaters later this month.

Over at Forbes, Steve Baltin reviews the film.  Here is a taste:

Western Stars, (co-directed by Springsteen and Thom Zimny, who worked with Springsteen on The Promise documentary and directed Springsteen On Broadway) is the companion film to the album of the same name this year. But it feels as much as a continuation of his best-selling memoir Born To Run and the Springsteen On Broadway run, as if this is Springsteen sorting that baggage in his art and in front of the world.

Springsteen, who is one of the greatest chroniclers of characters in the rock era, seems to be, in a sense, deconstructing the myths of his greatest character — Bruce Springsteen, the rock legend.

There is that brilliant monologue in Springsteen On Broadway, where he confesses with tremendous humor, about how he had spent his whole career writing about guys with blue-collar jobs in factories and he had never set foot in a factory. He continues to debunk those myths in Western Stars. But this time it’s without the humor or the audience laughing, so the depth of his revelations often seem startling.

Every story and admission he makes is tied to a song on Western Stars. In the framework of the film there is him talking, then a live performance, and that repeats for every song on the album.

So as he talks about change he discusses how he had spent the last 35 years of learning to let go of “my destructive side,” with the help of his family. But talking about what he was like before he learned to let go of that side he says, “If I loved you, I tried to hurt you.”

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