Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Books endure

Why wouldn’t Trump say “jockstrap

Country music on the campaign trail

Chris Gerhz reflects on the Christian liberal arts

Kellyanne Conway’s husband thinks Trump is unfit for office

This year’s Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities

Allen Guelzo reviews new one-volume histories of the U.S. by Bill McClay and Jill Lepore

Pope Francis rebukes the culture wars

Annette Gordon-Reed reviews five books on Texas

Eugene McCarraher on the religion of capitalism

Gary Gallagher reviews Sidney Blumenthal’s All the Powers of the Earth: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln

Kristin Du Mez “almost” visits a Trump rally

Should America impeach Trump or just vote him out?  A historian reflects

Historian Heather Cox Richardson talks impeachment

Paul Revere’s Boston Massacre image