Springsteen Releases Lyric Video for “I’ll Stand By You”

The song was written for a Harry Potter movie, but it did not make the final cut.  (Who cuts a Springsteen song?  Seriously?)  It now plays during the credits of the Springsteen-inspired movie Blinded by the Light.  Here is the video, released today:

2 thoughts on “Springsteen Releases Lyric Video for “I’ll Stand By You”

  1. Tony and John,

    I am probably a few years older than both of you and just can’t get overly enthused by Bruce. Please don’t get me wrong; I acknowledge his skills and even have one of his very, very early songs on an iPod running playlist. I just relate to an earlier more classic era.

    This morning I went out for a high speed run and put on an older neglected playlist which had been on my iPod. It contained When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin and Born Under a Bad Sign by Cream. With all respect to both of you, does Bruce have anything half that energizing? I can’t imagine it. 🏃


  2. John: another area of agreement between us is the greatness of Springsteen. But, honestly, do you think this is one of his better efforts?

    As my easily unimpressed son would say: “Meh.”


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