Cornel West and Robert George Will Be Speaking at Liberty University

Cornel West and Princeton professor Robert George will be speaking at an event on civil discourse at Liberty University.  If I am reading the schedule correctly, it looks like the event will take place on August 30, 2019.


West and George regularly travel to college campuses and other places to talk about civility and the importance of the liberal arts.  Here is a post we did on a recent discussion at the American Enterprise Institute.

Civil discourse is one thing, but I can’t imagine that Cornel West will not speak truth to power in Lynchburg.  As many of you know, Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, is a leading court evangelical who has called Donald Trump the “dream president” of evangelicals.

George, on the other hand, will be on something close to home turf at Liberty despite the fact that many Liberty students probably don’t think he is truly saved because he is a Roman Catholic.

One thought on “Cornel West and Robert George Will Be Speaking at Liberty University

  1. John,

    Both men are indeed very civil. I have personally heard Robert George in a relatively small group setting. He is an intellectual giant. I have only seen Cornel West on T.V. , but he comes off as a much more decent human being than most others in his political camp. He strikes me as the sort of man who tries to be reasonable and charitable. As far as West speaking “…truth to power…”, that’s debatable. It is debatable how much power young Falwell has and how much truth Dr. West possesses.


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