Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

How to capitalize headlines

What the heck is going on at Oberlin College?

American treasure-hunting

The New York Times tackles slavery

Sugar and slaves

Brenda Wineapple reviews Stephanie McCurry, Women’s War: Fighting and Surviving the American Civil War

Sarah Jones reviews Lyz Lenz, Godland: A Story of Faith, Loss, and Renewal in Middle America

American exclusionism

Confederate monuments manipulate history

Segregation and present-day traffic jams

The bobblehead hall of fame

A historian of communication on why digital platforms favor conservatives

Philip Jenkins on mesmerism

Struggling Christian colleges

The Declaration of Independence: myths and legends

12 thoughts on “Sunday Night Odds and Ends

  1. Yes, that is all Mueller and the seventeen US intelligence agencies found. Trump and Fox are right and every one who hasn’t deeply embibed ofvthe kool-aid is wrong.


  2. Jeff,
    I am glad you acknowledge that Scramucci, Megan Kelly, Morning Joe and Wife, Chris Cuomo, and other white media figures are also targets. Some of the barbs they received were tougher than the I.Q. remark about Mr. Lemon.



  3. One thing Mueller was adamant about is that Russia was working hard and broadly to interfere in our elections. And will continue to do so if they can.
    That is a big, big deal.
    And this President wants to get bs about bus loads coming into New Hampshire onto the front burner of our attention.
    Because he is a self centered insecure person who is infinitely more concerned with continuing his made up life story than the destiny of the country that he claims to love.


  4. Pretty amusing. McCabe, Mueller, and their minions spend 32 months undertaking a fishing expedition (not counting the antecedent period when they were running informants against M. Papadopolous), find nothing they can use, prosecute a mess of people for process crimes, arrange for the prosecution of others on extraneous matters (Paul Manafort’s tax returns, Michael Cohen’s taxi medallions), conclude not one plea agreement which delineates an conspiracy to collude with anyone, and the response of liberals is to lie brazenly and say ‘collusion has been proved’. Oh, and the president is guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’ for … obstructing the obstruction investigation (apparently by the president’s mean tweets). Andrew Weissman contrives this absurd self-licking ice-cream cone and liberals are all in. Herr Mueller, called to explain himself in front of a congressional committee, reveals to the world that he didn’t actually supervise the investigation or know much about it. You can hear Nelson Rockefeller saying, “I luhhhhv it…. “.


  5. Paul,

    Mueller did not say he would have indicted Trump for Russian collusion had Trump not been president. His report said there was no collusion. Please read the report. Mueller did allow that he could not establish obstruction of justice. That is peripheral to the Russian allegations. It’s also a lot like saying that I watched Paul for one year and could find no evidence of Paul engaging in jaywalking.

    None of the people you mentioned, i.e., Stone, Manafort, Flynn, etc. were charged with Russia collusion. It just is not there. The indictments were for other matters or for process crimes———not colluding with Putin.


  6. Much as you may dislike the main stream media, where they go is where Trump leads.
    He just had to write that they go back.
    He has to pick on African American journalists as the stupidest people on TV. Not that he never shoots off on other targets.
    I think he indeed does have a racial issue or is pathetically naive for a supposed stable genius who has been around the block. Neither the best thing in a President.


  7. “After Mueller failed to find a Russia connection to Trump”…..?????

    Wow, that’s exactly what paid Russian trolls say. Mueller’s report documents hundreds of meetings between Trump’s campaign staff and the Russians, the sharing of information between the two, and then a campaign to lie and cover up the meetings. Mueller said he would have indicted Trump except for the DOJ rule against indicting sitting presidents.

    Trump’s campaign was filled with people whose sole or main qualification involved connections to Russia. Stone, Page, Papadopoulous, Manafort, the
    list is long. Mueller indicted dozens of Russians for helping Trump. Putin said in public that he wanted to help Trump win. Flynn was negotiating the dropping of sanctions before Trump took office.

    Prof. Fea, I don’t know why you won’t post some of the things I write, but you let Jamestown get away with egregious dishonesty.


  8. Marsha,

    It would be impossible to support that Obama narrative statistically.

    After Robert Mueller failed to establish a Russia connection to Trump, the mainstream media has transitioned to a racial narrative. They always have to have a vehicle of some type with which to attack the Donald. Once the race issue fails, they will find something new.


  9. What do you think about the idea that Obama’s years were like reconstruction, with great gains for black Americans, and now we are in the “overreaction to that” years, like the kkk and jim crow years?


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