Foods at the Iowa State Fair I Would Like To Eat


Democratic candidates for President are at the Iowa State Fair this week.  They are eating a lot of carnival-style food.

These sound good (in no particular order):

  1. Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Italian Sausage On A Stick
  2. Cookie Dough In A Waffle On A Stick
  3. Deep Fried Twinkies
  4. Double Bacon Wrapped Corn Dog
  5. Pork Chop On A Stick
  6. Pretzel-Soft, Salted, Almonds, Dipped In Chocolate On A Stick

5 thoughts on “Foods at the Iowa State Fair I Would Like To Eat

  1. Dave H.

    Your report does not surprise me at all. That sort of food can arguably contribute to heart trouble as quickly as cigarette smoking. I wonder if the Fair in IOWA (and other state fairs) allow attendees to bring their own healthy food through the entrance gate? I never attend professional sporting events these days, but it seems that they used to prevent entrants from bringing coolers and picnic baskets into the stadiums. That left the fans with the alternative of chowing down on the five dollar greasy hot dogs. 🌭


  2. A former coworker and his family were big fans of a smaller-time music group who mostly performed at fairs. During the summers he and his family would spend many of their weekends traveling to whatever fair the group was performing at. Years after I changed jobs I ran into him at our county fair. He was wandering the food stands looking for (relatively) healthy fare. He told me he had a heart attack several years before, and that served as a wake up call that he had better substantially modify his weekend fair diet.


  3. There is question that the Iowa Fair foods you listed sound tasty. Here is the downside, however. Take a standard cholesterol check on the day before the fair then spend three days at the fair eating this delicious fare. On the evening of the third day, take another cholesterol test. Ha ha. I wonder what the percentage increase would be for a random group of twenty test volunteers?


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