I am Glad to See That the President’s Meetings with Survivors Today Had Such a Big Effect on Him


5 thoughts on “I am Glad to See That the President’s Meetings with Survivors Today Had Such a Big Effect on Him

  1. I don’t consider it a matter of “style”. The content of what he says is immature. It comes from an insecurity that is beneath the dignity of the office. There are words and means, including holding your peace like an adult if you think you are right, to react to criticism, even unfair and mean criticism.
    It is far from a simple matter of style in my opinion.


  2. Jeff,

    You might have a point about the president’s Twitter prose style being occasionally puerile. It also does not conform to previously established norms about what is “presidential.” Of course, a reading of The Constitution and The Federalist Papers probably would not yield a lot of guidance regarding the “style” mandated for any president. Admittedly, Trump’s style can be off-putting; it is also concurrently refreshing. The latter is in contradistinction to the pompous, professionally scripted, and spuriously thoughtful lingo which has come out of recent administrations of both parties.

    Again, I am not defending every tweet Trump makes, but his adversaries still do not realize that millions of voters are looking for a respite from the insincere business-as-usual political verbiage which presidential speech writers craft for their bosses. The choice is between Trump’s messages which are very rough around the edges and other leaders’ messages which are plastic creations of the paid and poll-driven staff. I still chuckle when thinking about the old 1960s hippie expressions at this juncture. After engaging in a particularly “heavy head rap”, the old hippie would summarize the conversation with, “It’s been real, man.”


  3. I consider a lot of these kinds of things terribly petty from a President.
    His supporters often laud him for them because he “fights back”.

    I don’t think he is a very mature or thoughtful person. But whenever he can he tunes into oann to get informed! Great!
    He will continue growing into the office that way for sure!


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