7 thoughts on “If We Cut the Democratic Presidential Field in Half…

  1. The other Jeff,

    You are right that our perceptions of someone on the screen has a subjective element to it. You presumably have a “good feeling” about Senator Booker. I can’t question your sentiments. Thus far, however, the Democrat primary electorate has not joined in your feeling, and I predict that registered independents will not come around to Booker’s side either.

    When he was in office, someone was talking to Ronald Reagan about his old Hollywood days. The person asked Reagan a question something like this. “You knew Dick Powell. Was he really as nice a guy in person as he seemed to be on screen?” The president answered without missing a beat. “Sure he was. The camera doesn’t lie.”

    The point still holds although now we are not necessarily talking about who is a nice guy and who isn’t. At this point the discussion concerns who is authentic and who isn’t. While neither Warren, Saunders, Williamson, or Yang, are among my political bedfellows, I think they really believe what they espouse when the cameras come on.


  2. I respectfully disagree about Booker’s. I doubt we’re going to see eye-to-eye. I agree that at times he’s had some ill-advised tactics that I think were intended as large demonstrative gestures to illustrate principles he genuinely holds, but came off as disingenuine pulicity stunts. no one to blame but himself for that. As to whether he’ll generate mass enthusiasm, clearly so far you are correct.


  3. Jeff,

    The self-proclaimed Spartacus needs to return to his theatrics in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I just don’t think he is going to ignite any mass enthusiasm at the Democrat presidential primary level. It has been said this year by pundits representing all parties that voters are looking for someone who is genuine. That eliminates Booker and Gellibrand.


  4. So we’ve got a cull which includes the Old Establishment (Biden), the promise-them-everything-for-free populist (Sanders), the dark horse who’s kinda talking sense (Buttgieg), and the loud lunatic fringe (Castro).

    Whichever way it goes, somebody’s going to be sore losers and guaranteed Drama-Rama.


  5. I’ve just been watching the betting odds, and they stack it like this:


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