Springsteen’s Top 70 Songs of the Last 30 Years


Bruce Springsteen turns 70 on September 23.  Writer Jay Lustig is celebrating the Boss’s birthday with short pieces on Springsteen’s best seventy songs from the past thirty years.  Here is Lustig describing the project at NJArts.net:

Bruce Springsteen will turn 70 in 70 days — on Sept. 23 — and in honor of that, NJArts.net has created a special project: A list of his Top 70 songs, restricted to songs recorded and released after his 40th birthday (Sept. 23, 1989).

I will be revealing the songs, one per day, between now and then, starting at the bottom of the list. The No. 1 song will be posted on his birthday. Each song will have its own post, and I will add the links here as they are revealed.

I know, I know: There are already too many Springsteen lists in the world. But I thought this one would be different, and worth doing, because it could shed light on some gems Springsteen has created over the last three decades that have not received much attention or, in some cases, have been almost totally forgotten.

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Number 65: