3 thoughts on “Trump’s Teleprompter Malfunction

  1. So wait a minute. Is he now saying that our brave colonial armed forces did NOT take the airports? Clearly the Deep State has gotten to him.


  2. Wait, didn’t he used to mock Obama for using a teleprompter? Far be it from me to agree with Rex Tillerson on anything, but I do agree with him that Trump is clearly a moron.


    • Re Dubya vs Obama on speechmaking:

      I figure that both Dubya & Obama tended to malaprop when speaking spontaneously and handled it in different ways:
      * Dubya Bush just kept speaking off-the-cuff and let the malaprops fall where they may.
      * Obama decided to not speak spontaneously and risk a malaprop, instead always speaking formally using a teleprompter to avoid the possibility of misspeaking.
      Just different styles for the two men, that’s all.
      Bush was more spontaneous, Obama more controlled.
      Improv vs pre-Scripted.


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