What Presidents Are Saying Today

Barack Obama:

Donald Trump:


4 thoughts on “What Presidents Are Saying Today

  1. Hello Paul,

    Can you please give me the specific chapter and verse for each of the Bible verses you are citing? I don’t think it will be possible but you deserve a chance to inform us of newly discovered manuscripts.



  2. James, you are so right, after all the Bible specifically condemns the Democratic Party. And the disciples asked, “Lord, for whom shall we vote? And Jesus replied, well, I don’t want to lose my tax exempt status, so I can’t say the name, but you know whom I favor. Amen.”

    God intended taxes to be low and he hates birth control, especially when paid for by insurance companies. It says it in the third letter to the Thessalonians.


  3. Unicorn,
    There are not all that many Christians supporting the first man so statistically the Amens will necessarily be less.


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