Jimmy Carter Gets Tenure

Carter Emory

It took him 37 years, but Jimmy Carter now has job security at Emory University.

Here is CNN:

Former President Jimmy Carter has become a tenured faculty member of Emory University after teaching at the Atlanta-based private university for more than three decades, the Georgia school announced on Monday.

“With this honor, he becomes the first tenured faculty member at Emory to hold a Nobel Prize and the first tenured faculty member to have been a US president,” Emory University said in a statement. “The principle undergirding tenure — which essentially means a continuous post as a professor — is to preserve academic freedom for those who teach and pursue research in higher education.”

The former one-term Democratic president and Georgia governor has had an extended public service career since the end of his presidency, and Monday’s announcement said he has been a distinguished professor at Emory for the past 37 years.

Carter, 94, and his wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, established the Carter Center in Atlanta as well in a partnership with Emory.

Read the rest here.  I am glad to know that Carter can now speak his mind without worrying about getting fired for his views.  🙂


One thought on “Jimmy Carter Gets Tenure

  1. As a Republican who never voted for Jimmy Carter, I think it’s possible to make a case that he is our best ex-president. Since leaving office he has tried to stay involved for his vision of “the good.” He is often, in my opinion, misguided, but his motives appear to be pure and he continues to lead a transparent personal life.


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