Virginia Tech’s Problem

Virginia Tech

While colleges and universities in the Northeast struggle to find students for the first-year class, Virginia Tech has the opposite problem.  The Blacksburg, Virginia school has 1000 more freshman than it expected and is even offering some of them cash to defer enrollment.  I wonder how many of them are history majors?

The Chronicle Higher of Education has it covered.  Here is a taste of Alexander C. Kafka’s piece:

Virginia Tech has a big problem that other colleges would love to be wrestling with: a supersized incoming freshman class about 1,000 students larger than anticipated. So the university is offering cash inducements for some students to defer enrollment, but it says that deferment is only one strategy in its arsenal and that by late August it will be ready for the Class of 2023, no matter its size.

“It’s a challenging but essentially good problem to have,” said Mark Owczarski, assistant vice president for university relations. And a fluky one when the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center just released figures showing that public-sector postsecondary enrollment declined 1.9 percent this past year, part of a longer-term slide.

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