Michigan GOP Congressman: Impeach Trump


On the final evening of the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump came to Grand Rapids, Michigan to rally the faithful.  The next day he won Michigan, a state (along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) that carried him to the presidency.

Today Grand Rapids’s GOP congressman, libertarian Justin Amash, called for Trump’s impeachment.  Read Amash’s entire Twitter thread here.

Interesting notes:  Amash’s father is a Palestinian Christian and his mother is a Syrian Christian.  He was the valedictorian at Grand Rapids Christian High School–a school founded by the Christian Reformed Church. His wife Kara is a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids.  He is a member of an Orthodox church.

2 thoughts on “Michigan GOP Congressman: Impeach Trump

  1. Wasn’t that Jerry Ford’s old district? Of at least wasn’t it close to there?

    By the way, Rick, do you expect a libertarian majority to emerge among The Way of Improvement participants?


  2. I don’t care for Amash’s libertarianism but darn if he isn’t one of the more fascinating members of Congress.


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