4 thoughts on ““Cruise Thru History” With Glenn Beck, David Barton and Bill O’Reilly

  1. Unicorn,

    What’s wrong with the speakers receiving payment for their services? That’s the way professional speakers and even some former political figures of both parties earn a living. I assume you get paid for what you do professionally.

    By the way, attending the shipboard talks and the larger cruise is totally voluntary. You probably won’t be attending but others freely will.


  2. I’m curious about the total price tag of this “airfare, tours, hotel, and cruise”.
    (“When coin in Barton’s coffer rings…”)

    “Share your values with the ones you love”?
    Are those Traditional Family Values(TM)?


  3. David,

    Glenn Beck isn’t a professional historian and I don’t always concur with his conclusions, but his ability as a history raconteur is remarkable. He has a unique ability to engage the average listener in the intriguing web of history. Professional historians should be appreciative of any popular speaker who can draw non academics into their field.

    I am curious to know where you see him as factually inaccurate in his historical talks.



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