Alabama Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill One Day and Plans to Execute Someone on the Next Day

Alabama Governor

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Today I had a long conversation with New York Times reporter Adeel Hassan.  He was trying to figure out how Alabama could execute a convicted murderer on the day after the state passed a very extreme abortion law.  Here is his report:

A scholar of evangelical Christianity said that most evangelicals in Alabama probably feel no tension between support for the death penalty and opposition to abortion.

“Most conservative evangelicals wouldn’t think twice about executing someone and then going to a pro-life march the next day,” said John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College. He said their views have often been shaped by the political battles that have raged over social issues in recent decades, so that, for example, they also tend to oppose spending tax money on government programs that might reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Progressive evangelicals see the issues differently, Mr. Fea said, but “they are a minority in the state of Alabama and most of the evangelical South.”

Read the entire piece here.

11 thoughts on “Alabama Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill One Day and Plans to Execute Someone on the Next Day

  1. By that standard, you and your fellow fundamentalists would be excommunicated pretty quickly.

    What bothers me more than anything else among evangelicals is the total lack of self-awareness and understanding of anything factual.

    There is virtually nothing (almost literally) anybody alive today today believes that would be in common with anybody from 2000, 3000 years ago when the Bible was written.

    Anybody with a modicum of education about how Christian theology developed and a tiny modicum of common sense would understand that Albert Schweitzer nailed it when he said every generation remakes Jesus in its own image.

    And it’s not just social issues such as abortion and sexual orientation that would be unfamiliar to our forefathers. Ideas like the nature of God and the afterlife have changed 180 degrees over time. We don’t believe in demons, we don’t hate moneylenders, and on and on.

    Yet you come on every post and say something embarrassing, that proves the opposite of your point.


  2. Justin,

    Thanks for asking. You understood me correctly. A church or religious body which has no Biblical or traditional Christian values will be only nominally Christian within one or two generations. For the most part corruption comes from within. Excommunication is a Biblically-sanctioned practice.



  3. “Let’s start the excommunications with the so-called Emerging Church people. At least the straight-out liberals don’t profess to believe in historic orthodox doctrines.”

    I don’t get it, he mocked evangelicals for their willingness to excommunicate people who think differently than them and your response was “Yes and I know where we should start.” Is that right?


  4. Paul,

    Fortunately the mandates were removed and the religious exemptions were granted by Trump.

    By the way, what is a PCNP church?



  5. Unicorn,

    Let’s start the excommunications with the so-called Emerging Church people. At least the straight-out liberals don’t profess to believe in historic orthodox doctrines.



  6. Another issue is health care. They were adamantly opposed to Obamacare — pastor of the PCNP church I was attending at the time said (and I quote) “Jesus died so people would not have to rely on the government” for health care.

    Data shows that for every 1 million people without health insurance, some thousands die as a result. Obamacare literally saves tens of thousands of actual people, but the “pro-life” voters are opposed to it. And the only trade-off is a small tax on the wealthiest people, so most of the people opposed wouldn’t even bear any cost.

    It’s well past time to shake our heads and say, “wow, what a shock.” They have been radicalized into a cult that has no logic and no guiding principle except anything that the other side wants has to be opposed.

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  7. What’s even more senseless is that most of these evangelicals don’t care about, or even deny the existence of, climate change, which is already killing innocent people all over the world and will kill far more than the number of abortions in America. There’s no sense of balance in these people’s thinking.


  8. And 83% is above the 80/20 threshold where Groupthink locks in, the 80+% becomes the One True Way, and all Heretics and Apostates are Purged.


  9. Born-Again Bible-Believing Pro-Lifers are the most rabid Execution Groupies you’re going to find. When you see pro-Death Penalty demonstrations/celebrations outside a prison, who’s cheering the loudest? The ones waving their Bibles.

    Anti Abortion = Pro Death Penalty.
    Pro Abortion = Anti Death Penalty.
    You find similar linkages all over the place, including Pro Abortion = Anti Gun, Anti Abortion = Pro Gun.

    It’s another Unsolved Mystery of the Universe.


  10. “Imposing the death penalty can help the murderer restore the broken relationship with their creator, not just with humankind,”
    I don’t understand this reasoning.


  11. John,

    I don’t know if you were quoted out of context in the article when you stated that so-callled progressive evangelicals are a minority in the South. They are a minority everywhere——probably more so in the South though. Isn’t that one of the major points in BELIEVE ME? As I recall, you use the 83% figure in a related statistical indicator showing the conservatism of evangelicals.


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