Commonplace Book #104

Stricken with the sense of sinfulness, should we withdraw from making judgements and working for justice? Abdication of responsibility will be tempting to those who only know how to live in a world neatly divided into territories of pure light and utter darkness.  But no such world exists, except in the imagination of the self-righteous; the construction of such a world is itself an act of injustice.  In a world shot through with injustice, the struggle for justice must be carried o by people inescapably tainted by injustice…We need to see our judgments about justice and our struggle against injustice through the eyes of the other–even the manifestly “unjust other”–and be willing to readjust our understanding of justice and repent of acts of injustice.

Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace, 218.