3 thoughts on “Religion and Politics: A Discussion with Randall Balmer and Mark Massa

  1. Please delete one of the duplicate comments above, this is actually my (now third) WordPress post in years.Forgive my login mistakes, please.
    I watched the whole video. It’s well done. Dr. Massa is great at moderating.
    #Abortion = murder, Moses said so. We should not water this down, particularly when the new debate is about killing babies that are born alive. This goes far beyond Roe v. Wade.
    Fact: many racial minorities do support Trump and some of them are religious Christians some are not, they are just disgusted by the current Democratic “leadership.”
    #marriage might be important to many Christians, I argue that LIFE itself is more important than marriage, and I admit I’ve never married for many reasons, one of them moral, that I cannot promise God I will obey any man. It would be a sin to swear such a thing before God. For the same reason, I do not swear on bibles in court.
    I agree we should divorce religion from power. I suggest Jesus was crucified because he did not divorce religion from power and the powers at the time did not appreciate his influence or his following, just as “media influencers” today are often banned for having “conservative” views which a decade ago would not be considered conservative and which less than a century ago would be considered to be “American” or even “patriotic.”
    I want to point out that Chabad is an organization of Jewish evangelicals that has a lot of political power. I myself am a Jew, but not affiliated, because I do not subscribe to their politics in toto. I also don’t agree with everything Bibi Netanyahu does and many American Jews do not support the current administration in Israel because it is intolerant of minorities just as you pointed out about American Christian evangelicals.
    Finally, I totally agree that what we need is TOLERANCE and not VIOLENCE. We need to recover our moral compass and indeed many Americans have lost their souls.
    When I was living in Republic of Georgia for a few months in 2017, I noticed EVERY cab driver had an icon of either Jesus or his favorite saint, and I say “his” because none of the cabbies were women. Christianity is far and wide a movement of the people for the people as Jesus taught, from this Jew’s meagre understanding, since I can’t compete with your gentlemens’ theological education, all I can do is offer my faith and my three cents. I generally look to Jewish prophets and Psalms for guidance but John is also insightful.


  2. William Jennings Bryan argued in 1925 on behalf of the federal government that the law of the land should be the BIBLE and that public school teachers should not be allowed to teach evolution. The teacher was found guilty despite being represented by Clarence Darrow, after an 8 day trial in Tennessee, and after a jury deliberated for 9 minutes. The wiki article was just edited 5 days ago as of this writing. This is an important piece of American history not to be glossed over, because it is not taught in public schools that teachings of evolution in any form were illegal until less than a century ago. The commonly held belief until that time was that God created humans, period, full stop. The eugenics movement started shortly after the plaintiff won his appeal, overturning the guilty verdict in TN Supreme Court.


  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopes_Trial
    Article edited 5/5/19 because it is now more relevant than ever. The case lasted 8 days. William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution, Clarence Darrow for the defense. Public school teacher found GUILTY for teaching evolution. Appealed to TN Supreme Court, ruling overturned. Before that case, it was illegal to teach science in American public schools and the law of the land, up until less than a century ago was that creationism and the bible are literal fact. This should NOT be overlooked or rushed over as this commentator did.


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