No, I Am Not a Professional Wrestler

A couple of students in my U.S. History survey class once compared me to professional wrestler John Cena whenever I entered the classroom. I had never heard of Cena so I had to look him up.  It turns out he is a pretty popular wrestler who makes dramatic entrances into the ring.

Actually, I don’t think I look anything like him and there is absolutely no drama when I enter the classroom. But apparently these students got a kick out of replacing Cena’s name in his theme song with my name.  I guess our names sound a bit alike and they have the same number of syllables.

Just when I thought the John Cena comparisons were over, a Facebook friend posted this with the caption: “Just a quick note that my Bluetooth thinks that John Fea is John Cena”:


3 thoughts on “No, I Am Not a Professional Wrestler

  1. Ha! I have never seen Cena wrestle and I don’t know anything about him other than the fact that they yell “John Ceeeeeeeeeeena” when he enters the ring. These two female students sheepishly approached me at the end of the semester to tell me that every time I walked into Frey 110 on the Messiah College campus they quietly said to each other “John Feeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa.” My co-teacher Cathay thought it was hilarious.


  2. Check out sometime — “The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling!”.

    Pro Wrestling (and its lore) is the guilty pleasure of one of my writing partners (the self-educated son of a steelworker from Allentown), and he tipped me off about that site long ago. Catalog of the WORST gimmicks and angles in the business.


  3. John Cena is also a published author, like yourself. He wrote my son’s favorite book. It’s about an electric monster truck who has “gumption” and never gives up, even tho he gets made fun of for being different. Kinda seems like John Cena’s done more to help me cope with climate change then my church has!


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