10 thoughts on “Sheetz vs. Wawa

  1. My wife and I haven’t bought gas for 4 years, but we still frequently visit Sheetz for their food, their free air, and for their EV chargers! Do any Wawas have EV chargers?


    • Don’t know about Wawa (except the Barbara Walters parody on old Saturday Night Live), but when I’m visiting my East Coast contacts and staying in Dillsburg, not only is there a Sheetz just up the road, but I see them everywhere. Larger and better stocked than any 7/11 I’ve been in out here on the West Coast.


      • Unicorn,
        From my limited experience with Sheetz, you are correct that they offer more variety than 7/11. I have to say that 7/11 has lured me with their Big Energy coffee. I wish that other convenience stores would offer a comparable coffee product with the added B vitamin or whatever other ingredients it includes.


      • I know that Sheetz well Headless. I find WAWAs to be much better stocked then Sheetz. They also have better food. Rutters, another local central PA convenience store, is also very good.


    • There a few 7-11s around, but they don’t have a big footprint in PA. I know they did twenty-five years ago when I lived in the Philly area, but no longer. I can only think of one 7-11 in fifteen minute driving range.


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